108 Heroes Slot Machine Bonus

108 Hero is a strange low grade video slot that draws many words of the east. We are cruelly honest and say that we are not used to the background unique to this progressive slot, but also in our ignorance, we are intensely touched by Geisha who rolls around Samurai A warrior can tell you that it is occupied by all ways Arabs of muscles with a Machete in all hands.

Music has some kind of Chinese / martial art feeling. Anyway, aside aside, 108 Heroes is a fairly fun slot machine. Includes a generous multiplier You can play Free Spin Bonus, from 1 to 75 credits per spin, including 5 Reelers from Microgaming. If you try it there is also a Kingdom bonus bonus game. Please read our complete breakdown …

Bet information
First, put the coin area out. 108 heroes can play with coins ranging from 0.01 to 1 and you can use up to 5 coins per line. In other words, the maximum bet amount per spin is 75, about 15 pay lines and all of them. The game also includes automatic playback options. It is perfect if you want to surf the net, watch Netflix, win or lose. 108 Hero can play on a variety of desktop devices (laptop / PC) and mobile.

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