75% of online casino players gamble in illegal markets

Another news reported based on a deep study reveals that around 75% of online casino players gamble in illegal markets.

The study claims that online gambling is dominated by illegal betting websites that don’t pay taxes to the countries where the gamblers reside.

They concluded that 75% of players bet in casino sites that are still not on the regulated markets. This could be due to the higher prizes those casinos offer comparing to the ones that reduce the jackpots so they could bay taxes to local governments.

This number is shocking, mostly because after the European Union started to regulated casino websites, they found out that the number of gamblers in illegal websites increased by 10%. The number jumped to 75% in 2018 against only 65% in 2017.

The administrators on land based casinos are also joining forces with local countries so they can stop the illegal betting that is growing at fast speed, because not only the governments are losing money in taxes, but also land based casinos are losing it’s players to online gambling places.

“We cannot compete with all the prizes that online casinos can give. We have much more expenses to run a physical casino, and also we cannot avoid taxes. The scenario should be the same for both versions of betting” – claims a director of a big company who operates several physical casinos in Europe.

The study also cites that Payment providers also should help in controlling such casino websites, because it would be easier to track the origin of the players with their payment method. “We can know the origin of a gambler just by tracking down their payment method. This gambling sites use payment methods such as Mastercard, Visa and Paypal. Those companies should be forced to provide us the origin of the money and not accept casino deposits from players betting in a country where that online casino doesn’t have a license to operate”.

On the other side, the online casino operators claim that they try to avoid joining the regulated gambling markets as they are heavily taxed. “The taxes are way too high in local governments. We are not illegal as we have old licenses from countries which belong to the European Union. As a result, we can operate in the entire European Union according to the law”. “When is profitable, we want those regulated licenses. And even if the licensed is extremely expensive, most of the times we face problems getting such gambling licenses. The local governments simply delay the process and it takes months to be 100% legal”.

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