Aces and Faces Poker Slot Machine Bonus

Ace and Face Video Poker is played on cards with 52 cards as standard. First five cards will be dealt. Keep as many cards as you want to reach out the most. The remaining cards are discarded and replaced with new cards from the same playing card.

Ace and Face Video Poker is a standard video game based on Jack or Better Play. As the name suggests, payment of this game begins with a pair of jacks and pays a higher dividend for 4 of the Ace, Kings, Queens, Jack’s black combination, a combination of face card and ace It links to. There is no wild card in the game.

A lower dividend is set for pairs, stretches, and coils with higher dividends given to the 4 combinations, so that you see all 4 strokes and the ace and face receive the most dividends I will.

Do not break the payer you never paid unless you have 4 of the 5 cards for Royal Flush.

If you have not paid your hand, please check the list of possible combinations listed below and use the one giving the highest score:

4 types, straight flash, royal flush
Four cards for Royal Flush
Three of a kind, straight, watery, full house
Four cards to straight flash
Two sets
Tall couple (over Jack)
Three cards for Royal Flush
Four cards to rinse
Low couple
Four cards out straight
Two high cards
Three cards for straight flash
There are two cards shortage (2 or more, minimum number used)
Meets high cards 10-J, 10-Q, 10-K
Jack or more
Dispose of all cards

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