Age of Discovery Slot Machine Bonus

Age of Discovery is a Microgaming online game machine, returning to an era where life is more exciting, especially for those who discover it is time consuming. During the 15th and 18th centuries, European explorers are drawing the age of swimming in the world’s seas and planting flags on various beaches.

Age of Discovery ScatterAge Discovery has 25 pay lines spread out on 5 reels. Of course, the symbol is some items belonging to that age, they travel. First, there are exotic fruits like bananas, avocados, mangoes, and star fruits, which are supplemented by sextens, coat of arms, Explorer ships.

There is a gold coin functioning as a wild compass scatter symbol that enables the artistic sea monster spreading symbol, bonus function.

Bonus Features
Treasure Bonus

Age of Detect Bonus This game contains only bonus features and you have to put three, four or five compass coding symbols somewhere in the reel to trigger.

You will go to a treasure map with many small crosses (“X” shows the course location). I just continue to select these crosses to reveal the prize amount.

There are also several skulls and crossbones under the cross and when one of these is found, the round ends. You get the total amount, but when the logbook opens to the left a small price is also displayed.

Age of Discovery Online Slot Playback Tips

If you go to this function, you can play with as many pay lines as you like. The more you play the line, the proportionally you win


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