American Roulette Gold Slot Machine Bonus

American Roulette Gold is a type of roulette of Microgaming. Unlike more common European games, the American version has two zeros, the total spot on the wheel is 38. The difference is a faster game, but it also means that the edge gets bigger.

This game has a sophisticated appearance and a wide range of typical extras in the Microgamings Gold series casino games. Microgaming’s American Roulette Gold, an excellent version for serious players, allows players to customize game play and increase bets using the expert function. Expert features include red split, black split, zero game and so on. In this game, you can access two games that are not a classic roulette game. To bet next to you, use expert mode and select up to nine numbers at the boundary of the number you select on the wheel.

Special features bring pleasure and excitement to the game. Players will be attracted to the expanded range of betting options and the speed, graphics and sound of playing games easily. In particular, the clear graphic quality makes it easy for players to place their games and see exactly where the roulette wheel stops. If you have a favorite table game, you willingly to know that the game offers rope options – play the last table game without exchanging chips. Different bets for this game have different restrictions. What? A straight bet can not exceed $ 15. A split game can not exceed $ 20. Square bets can not exceed $ 30.

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