Atlantic City Blackjack Gold Slot Machine Bonus

Blackjack was always a necessary element for most casinos, but Microgaming checked at several levels with this version of Blackjack. This is a Gold Series version that contains more improvements than the standard Atlantic City version from Microgaming. The first thing you notice is how smoothly the entire layout is designed and how easy it is to navigate.

The purpose of this game is to defeat the dealer by obtaining a total 21 higher than the total of the dealer or crushing the dealer when the dealer exceeds 21.

Special features
The first feature I encountered when I began playing this game was that you could play “free play”. So, before choosing an actual game, I picked this option into the game.

This game is done with 8 tires mixed before each game and the dealer may peek into when displaying Ace or 10 cards. When that happens, you can purchase insurance to protect yourself with your next hand. This bet represents half of your normal wager and covers only your original hand. If the dealer achieves Blackjack, the insurance bet will pay 2: 1 odds.

The cool thing about this version of Blackjack is that it can only be done with the first two cards, as long as the card makes up the split, there is no double limit. You can divide your hand into 3 steps and you can do with a total of 4 hands. Ace can be divided only once, it is worth noting that you and the dealer take only one card each, before the dealer stands you.

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