Beach Babes Slot Machine Bonus

Beach girls are fun and addictive little slot games with a fascinating sea and beach theme. If you can not say that name. This game comes with bright, colorful theme matching graphics and 25 different pay lines. The payline can miss price in many ways.

Beach babe may not have a progressive jackpot, but there is a very generous set of 10,000 coin jackpots. Adding all references to this sandblasted game shows you why it creates a big buzz. Below is a look at how Beach Babes will soon become the flagship Microgaming title.

The sun, the sea, the sand
If it is not yet clear, Beach Babes is one of the industry’s leading 25 payline slot machines from Microgaming. They rely on popular slot machines. You can know this from a large multiplier, including a six-fold multiplier that applies to free spins.

This game has a symbol of building a house on Lille, such as cool summer beach theme and scattered coolers, Baxom beach babies, body guards, beach balls and so on. Just like many other video slot machines, the cheaper symbols are traditional nine ace game card symbols.

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