Big Kahuna Slot Machine Bonus

We have all heard the word “Big Kahuna”, but how many of us really do know the meaning? The most common definition is Hawaiian shaman, it seems that it is based on Microgaming’s non-progressive video slot Big Kahuna.

It has 5 rolls and 9 unlimited winning lines. This means that the winding can be formed both horizontally and diagonally. The game is being developed around tribal theme. The wonderful price that is offered is 8000. There are lots of interesting and convenient features to help you on the way. Bonus Bloom includes scatter symbol, wild, and more than two mini games.

Big Kahuna is a shade slot that is necessary for you, filled with two-dimensional symbols of cartoon reflecting the theme. Players can bet up to 45 coins, or at least 0.5 coins per spin, and the return to players is 96.2%.

Funky symbols
Big Kahuna contains tribal masks, shamans, golden volcanoes, monkeys, iguanas in the symbols. There are also modern things wearing fruit symbols of ancient symbols of raspberry, pineapple, melon, orange, kiwifruit, coconut.

Among the icons you actually want to see include Big Kahuna wild with the ability to pay up to 8000 when 5 people are in the active line and when the player is playing with the biggest bet Yes. Also, in the case of four cases 1000, three in case of 200, in the case of two 10 and two 2 is paid. All prize money will be paid from left to right except for the scatter.

It is a good thing to find tribal weapons that pay dividends up to 4.375. Clearly the above numbers are five, but in the case of 4, 2900 and 3, 1650 can win. The volcano has a maximum of 2,500 people in 5 people, 1.00 people in 4 people, 625 people in 3 people.

Among the other symbols, the dance shaman 500 pays 5, 150 4, 25 3 and 10 pay 2. Ignan only pays the same amount, not only 2 points but 5 points, but Orange will pay 250, 80 and 20, but in the two cases victory is not allowed. Kiwifruit pays 200, 50, 15 etc. The most valuable symbol is raspberry, 5 is 100, 4 is 20, 3 is 10.

The soundtrack of this game consists of frog’s scream and various forms of jungle life.

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