Bikini Party Slot Machine Bonus

Calling this rescue, there is no explicit statement. Five shattered girls doing volleyball leaving suggestive appearance that players are not eligible! I do not know what to do! Based on the exact same game options and platform as the Dragon Dance game, this new Microgaming online game is clearly targeted to the male audience with radical changes in the theme of the second title of the series.

Before that, there are 234 familiar ways to win the 3-line video track of 5 reels coming here, but full compatibility with mobile devices and 2 bonus rounds are now available I will. The bonus option increases volatility, but it is a special research function that allows up to 480 times betting and adds the fact that you pay great attention to Kitty, Daisy, Sunny, Honey, Kiki from 0.25 to 125! (We had never been before – honest!

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