Bush Telegraph Slot Machine Bonus

When we talk about bus routes, we see how the news moves in areas where communication seems impossible unless otherwise. Microgaming Bush Telegraph Slot Machine transfers the news of jungle drums chosen by happy animals. This is a colorful game with two different bonus features, so please see here for details.

Bush Telegraph WildBush Telegraph is 5 reels and 15 pay lines. These roles are set against the background of a lush background, which is the ideal habitat for the living things presented in this game. 10, J, Q, K, A represent low-value symbols, but beautiful animals – Tucan, Hippo, Bush / Child – are the highest values.

Big “Wild”, of course, is a wild symbol that replaces something other than a pod pod scatter symbol and a bonus bonus drum symbol.

Bonus Features
Seed of seed bud

These bright red seed pods are the key to this function and you have to land three or more lands anywhere on the reel to cause it. You now win 10 free spins so that all prizes will triple, which will be a useful diversion.

It is also possible to resume this function by letting the tax office land more scattered objects.

Bongo Bonus

Bush Telegraph Bonus This is the symbol of drum boys, so we need to pay more than 3 bonuses to the active payline.

That is a pretty simple game. All you have to do is click on the three jungle drums that appear on the screen. Each is worth the coin, and this function can also be launched under free spins.

Characteristics of gambling

After winning anything, use the “gambling” button displayed below the reel to bet on the red-black card game. You may double money with correct guesses or lose all that is wrong.

Bush Telegraph Online Slot Playing Tips

Play on the biggest payline to get the best opportunity to activate the bonus bonus – only trigger an active payline.

Please use the gamble function carefully, it is an attractive offer, but is an easy way to quickly lose your money.

There is not much mistake in this gap. A bright and colorful design, some jungle sounds, two bonus features are worth checking out.

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