Carnaval Slot Machine Bonus

People who have taken pictures of carnival around the world, especially Brazil’s most famous carnival, just know what to expect from Microgaming’s game console. For those who do not have them, imagine a bright and bold color with big party atmosphere and music theme, you will walk along the right line.

Combined with five reels and nine paylines, some funny bonus features, it is not only bright graphics and bold design. Behind that graphic there is a very fun slot game, you can enjoy hours.

What is interesting is the main goal of any carnival and it is perfectly fitting what the slot machine will be. So it must be a perfect match.

Party, party, party!
From the beginning you can see this slot machine, you can not help getting a good mood ready to play slot machines. From the bold color scheme of vivid purple, gold, blue and pink, to the colorful symbols of playing board and roll paper and the festival, it is an explosion of excitement.

Indeed, Microgaming is a symbol of the atmosphere of parties such as clone, colorful headgear, trumpet on coil, with the theme of Mardi Gras in this online single slot game.

To my surprise, even such a bold theme seems to be distracting while playing, not as “your face”. Color keeps the enjoyment flowing from spin to spin for a really fun game.

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