Casinos that accept Cryptocurrencies Crypto

As we all know, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Shiba, Tron, DOGE and the recently new DOE (Dogs of Elon) are here to stay with capitalization over 1 Trillion dollars. Everyone is furious to make investments in such coins, as we all read those stories about internet millionaires made out of BTC.

As you may (or may not) know, just 10 dollars of crypto (BTC) back in 2010, would be worth more than 200 million dollars now. Will this be the biggest new adoption for casinos all over the internet? YES!

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The online casino industry is now adopting the trend and many of the gambling sites already accept such currencies as deposit and withdrawal options.

How to use it? and Why should you use it? It all resumes to a matter: Blockchain! We will explain you in the following paragraphs why this matters for all the gamblers worldwide. Please note that we are experts in casinos and gambling, not in the crypto seen. We are no way affiliated to any blockchain network or exchange. This is not a financial advice.

As you know, cryptocurrencies were made to decentralize the economic power all over the world, making it simpler and safer. We all know that one of the biggest matters of the twenty first century is privacy. All the computer technology and internet made it very easy to control everyone in a daily basis.

With this technology, Banks will no longer track your online casino winnings, making your bets and profits 100% hidden from governments and regulators. The idea behind such project is to allow everyone to have privacy over their own wealth. Of course some countries will try to regulate such markets, but until they actually do it, there’s a big relief in everyone’s privacy.

Also, another advantage of the blockchain technology in online casinos industry, is the fact that you can dig your transactions and verify everything about your bets. With such technology, you can see in an anonymous way (wallet address consisting of random numbers and letters in hexadecimal code) where your money came from, where it went to, but all of this 100% private.

Just the wallet address is displayed, your name, address or ID will never appear on it. Then, with your wallet secret phrase, you can access your digital assets, then decide where to withdraw your money to. Simple!

Also, with this new tech, the gambling websites could not hide anything away from its gamblers, making the betting scene more transparent for its players. With the same address, you could check for the transactions over the network, and identify where you won your money. Which slot machine or want kind of bet in roulette, could be easily tracked inside the blockchain, for example.

Can you imagine how much safer you would feel knowing exactly where your money was spent and won in an online casino? Displaying every single bet on a record? Would be awesome!

To gamble with crypto you just need to have a wallet address in one of the blockchains or trading exchanges such binance. See the casino list table below, register an account as many of them already accept crypto coins. Happy winnings!

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