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Learn how to win more at Online Casinos using their bonuses

how to win on online casinos

To always win at online casinos is getting more difficult day by day. That’s a fact and in this news, we will try to teach you some tricks. We all know that internet casinos provide big deposit bonuses….

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75% of online casino players gamble in illegal markets

Another news reported based on a deep study reveals that around 75% of online casino players gamble in illegal markets. The study claims that online gambling is dominated by illegal betting websites that don’t pay taxes to the…

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Switzerland has new Online Casino Laws

There are more news regarding the regulated gambling in the European Union. This time is Switzerland that regulated the current Online Casinos operating in the small country. The local Swiss Parliament just voted about the regulation of the…

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Who plays online casinos more? Men or Women?

men women online casinos

Online Casinos have been an amusement park for adults for the last 20 years, but now the question is: Who gambles more? Men or Women? That is what you are about to found out in the following sentences….

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Finplay Online Casinos now available in Romania

finplay 1

Finplay, a successful provider of online casinos based in Finland just launched a new online casino available for Romania – Platinum Casino. This new regulated Romanian online Casino is using Finplay’s Igaming Technology. The recently launched a partnership…

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How do online casino algorithms work

how online casino works

The online casino game providers are rising at the speed of light. One of the reasons is the ability for the regular gambler to place bets and win real money at the comfort of their home, work, or…

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Online casinos favorite games are slots

favorite casino games

It’s not surprising that online gaming is becoming very popular in many niches. Not just the regular games websites. It certainly includes online casinos. People are playing more online day by day and gambling is one of the…

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Land casinos in macao are losing to players online casinos

Land Casinos in Macao are losing their players to new online casinos. The once called “Las Vegas of Asia” is now dropping for the first time in the first trimester of 2019. The total number of gambling places…

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Online Casinos Exponential Grow in Regulated Markets

Big news for all the online casino lovers. The regulated markets are here to stay, and that doesn’t mean the gambling industry is slowing down. The iGaming scenario is changing in a way no one predicted. Let us…

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Switzerland Operators Ask for Online Casino Licenses

Switzerland is getting ready to legalize the online casinos industry. According to news reports, four physical casinos asked for a regulated gambling license so they can start operating in the online casino Industry. This might be the smartest…

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