Double Wammy Slot Machine Bonus

Unlike familiar idioms or better popular game software, pushing your luck, double Wammy in this slot will definitely not let you double the set on your back alone! In this classic video slot there are three reels and a payline to three coins you can bet on. If you say “Push the door here,” you can go home with 2500 coins.

Double Whammy is a video column called its most important and interesting symbol. The symbol of Double Whammy is the symbol I am looking for for your wild and multiplier. Double punch will be replaced with symbols of this game, bar, cherry or all other classic games in seven to help you form the winning combination. It will depend on whether you use single or dual symbols to compensate for winning combinations, as well as doubling or quadrupling your payment. Now, if you have 3 of these beauties landed the 800, 1600 or 2500 heftig you go away depending on the betting coin.

Yeah you can bet up to 3 coins in the slot and you can adjust the range of values ​​from $ 0.25 to $ 5.00 which allows you to earn more bets and big I will. Now it is a truck expert and you do not have to lose time by pressing the spin button every second For everyone, manufacturers offer you an expert mode that you can set the reel to rotate automatically doing.

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