Finplay Online Casinos now available in Romania

Finplay, a successful provider of online casinos based in Finland just launched a new online casino available for Romania – Platinum Casino.

finplay 1

This new regulated Romanian online Casino is using Finplay’s Igaming Technology. The recently launched a partnership so they could speed up the process of moving an already established gambling brand to the internet.

Martin Pranter, the Executive Director of Finnplay Group, told the media: “We are really flattered in working Platinum Casino team in the beginning of their online casino adventure. Our techonology and Know-How attracts already extablished operators that want to grow to the online casino market, or even new ones that want to join Igaming business. Our experience in providing Online Casino Games makes the big difference”.

In the same release party, the CEO of Platinum Casino – Tatiana Grigorescu – also told: “Finnplay proved to be a casino game provider with flexible solutions. We are really thrilled with the opportunities that online casinos can bring in Romania”.

Remember that Finnplay is a Finland based Casino game producer that already provides gambling solutions for markets in Malta, The United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, Curacao, Mexico, Hunhary and Sweden.

Insiders claim that Finnplay might be also in negotiations with many other land based casino brands for other countries, specially in Europe where the online casino licenses are being legislated and distributed at a fast speed.