Golden Era Slot Machine Bonus

Golden Era is a video slot that runs on the Microgaming software platform and has returned in times when stars such as Catherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Cary Grant dominate silver screens. This is done in Hollywood Premiere and is ready to spin five coils filled with symbols inspired by movie rolls, classic cars, walking of fame and inspired movies from two rival movie stars. You can use this exciting slot machine here for free. You can also send it to your favorite Microgaming Casino and play with real money.

Before you start the classic Hollywood experience, please select your bet size. Use the arrow buttons under the middle pole to adjust the name of the wager. You can select the coin size by pressing “Bet” button. After that, click “Spin” to start playing. You have a total of 15 pay lines that you can win with this slot machine. Also, you can always turn “round play” a predetermined number of rounds without interruption.

You can reach Superstars in the Golden Era Bonus Round. In this bonus round, you can put three disjointed flapboards anywhere on the reel. Once activated, you will need to select a starred bonus that you think will lead to an award-winning dividend.

Your first choice is a free spin feature. If you select this option, two movie stars will spread to two wheels and you will get 12 free spins that act as wild! During the round, the stars move back and forth, and all single spins release new wild combination.

If you want to take a break from the roll and want to see the picture by yourself, please select the double feature bonus. In this round, we select one out of ten movie posters. Different amounts are hidden in most movies. A particularly valuable symbol is a trophy that doubles your winnings. The round ends when you find a horrible blank poster.

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