GTA V Online Casino Blocked In Many Countries

GTA V, the popular online game produced by ROCKSTAR GAMES just released and Online Casino inside their virtual game. This was exciting news for the players, but now local countries are blocking access to that new feature.

diamond casino resort

In the videogame you play a role of a gangster, where you can steal cars, do missions and now gamble at “The Diamond Casino & Resort in their “virtual city” called San Adreas. For that you would only need to download a free expansion provided by the producer for Computers, XBOX and Playstation.

However, this new expansion for the game is now being blocked by many European Countries. Fans are getting really upset for having this new online casino feature blocked by local Internet Service Providers.

Even tho this is not a real casino (you can only bet game credits), the local European governments consider it as real gambling because people have to pay a virtual currency to enter the gambling structure in the game.

This new expansion for GTA V is free, but it is already blocked in countries like France and Portugal, where the gamble activities is already fully regulated.

This countries claim that the activity is illegal because people have to buy real credits for the game with “real world money” and then are able to gamble the virtual currency in the game. With that, players can further buy more cars or other accessories in the game, but can NEVER withdrawal their profits in a real word currency! All the winnings must be spent in the game.

To enter at the “Diamond & Casino Resort”, the GTA players have to pay a free of 500$ (in the game currency), then they are rewarded with 5000 chips to play at the slot machines, Poker, Blackjack and even live roulette.

There is also a vallet parking service at the Casino, and gamblers who win more are able to go to the VIP Zone. This area in the Skybar feautres a SPA, a bar, an office and a party hub!