How do online casino algorithms work

The online casino game providers are rising at the speed of light. One of the reasons is the ability for the regular gambler to place bets and win real money at the comfort of their home, work, or any other place. To gamble online, we only need to have a computer or a recent cellphone and Internet connection.

how online casino works

Secondly online casinos became even more popular than physical casinos because of their deposit bonuses and loyalty rewards. Back in the day such promotions only happened in big casino venues like Las Vegas, and only for the high rollers ( the players who bet thousands on a single match).

Even with all this amazing advantages of online gambling, there are still some players that are uncertain about the fairness of the casino games and ask how do they actually work.

In the following paragraphs, we will explain how the games work, and above all, how are the prizes calculated. Keep reading to find out more.

To guarantee the fairness and safety of an online casino game, the gaming providers have an algorithm that works on a completely random way. It doesn’t help nor the player, nor the casino itself. In other words its pure gambling luck! This algorithm is called PRNG, which means Pseudo Random Number Generator.

How does it work you ask? Everytime you place a bet in a casino table game, a dice match, roulette , poker or even in the slot machines, the first thing the casino does is to generate a random number. This number then means something to your game. If you are playing slots, the PRNG will give a number which will “decode” into a slot prize sequence. If you are playing table games, it would mean the card that you have in your game, the roulette number and its matching color, or anything related to the bet itself.

As you can see, online casinos are pure luck just like regular casinos. No one is cheating or stealing money. The odds of winning are exactly the same of the other venues, and finally they are also inspected by gaming regulation agencies. Like any other lottery business.

In conclusion we must also say that this algorithm used in online casinos was developed by a  team of professors of Massachusetts Institute of Technology under the name of MD5 128bit, which is used almost everywhere from credit cards, email providers and mobile phones.

With all this said, it is 100% sure to admit that online casinos are safe and secure. Doesn’t matter if you access them from your local computer, a cellphone or even a tablet. Enjoy your bets and good luck.

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