Major Millions 5 Reel Slot Machine Bonus

Major Millions is a Microgaming Progressive Jackpot that can be earned on either a 3 Reel Classic Machine or 15 Payline Mangush Military Theme Video Slots. Since the jackpot seeds are sold for millions of dollars quarter, this progressive profit is always the majority of change.

3 Reel, Classic, Major, Million, and Slot Machines have three paylines, but you can earn jackpots by simply rotating three wild symbols on the third payline. The size of the coin is fixed at $ 1, so you need to bet $ 3 for each spin.

Major Millions’ 5 reel video slot version has a total of 15 paylines, and jackpots can only be earned with five wild symbols on the 15th payline. The coin size of this machine is fixed at 20 c per line, so you need to bet three dollars for each spin again.

Progressive jackpot has the same spin opportunities on both machines, so you can choose either.


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