Online Casino Streaming – How to do it?

There is a new trend, the streaming about Online Casino. Have you ever wondered how to do one?

If you are used to the gaming scene itself, you might have stumbled upon some casino live streams over youtube or twitch, but how do they do it? That’s what we are going to teach you in today’s article from

The growing popularity of streaming services are making more and more people to google about how to start streaming their favorite gambling games. Lets go step by step.

online casino streaming

First thing you need is a good computer. We are sorry to say, but day to day computers won’t have the necessary GPU and CPU performance to run such services. Don’t forget that you are at the same time gambling, and also broadcasting your live online casino stream. We truly suggest a gaming desktop or laptop, as their graphic cards are usually more powerful. Something around the 4 – 6GB of video processing capacity should be en ought.

Second Step: A great Internet connection! Mostly the upload. As you are playing online casino games and also broadcasting all your jackpots and winnings, you have to make sure your UPSTREAM or also referred as UP LINK is fast. For youtube streaming they suggest upload bit rates of around 6.000Kbps while other casino streaming sites like Twitch allow up to 50Mb/s connections and 4k resolution.

Last but definitely not the least, you will need a broadcasting software such as OBS. OBS stands for Open Broadcaster Software, which by the name itself, means it is totally free. To use this software, you just have to previously select an online casino of your choice, then select the casino browser window on OBS. After this, visit the streaming platform you want to broadcast your gambling too, and get the video keys and RMTP URLS. After this just press “Go live” and your broadcasting your casino gaming experience.

If you are unsure of what casino to use in your live streams, check the ones that we have reviewed of our casino review website. They were all tested by our team and we can guarantee that they are trustworthy and safe.

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