Party Island Slot Machine Bonus

Ah! Graphics are low quality and old ones may look nice, but the color scheme is bright and sunny, it fits well with the theme of party islands. I like that. Better graphics would have been wonderful, but these “old” designers are not bold, accordingly, or unforgivable or unforgivable accordingly. But do not worry. As I said many times, good graphics will not do anything more. Or it can not be said that it looks bad. Even if it was played on only 9 paylines, party island is another such example.

The “party island” logo is a wild symbol, betting a beautiful bet of 10,000 x line, doubling all victories and replacing symbols other than scatter symbols. nice! Disco Globe is a Scatter symbol, five of which praise the staggering 750x total bet and three or more Scatter trigger 15 free spins with three victories. That’s the way I like it! But wait a minute there are more – free spin games can also be restored, hmm! Very nice! Other symbols in the game pay 1000 x to 50 x line bet per 5 types of each kind. Well, sorry, it’s low. This was a good payment table, but I think that it will be average, but I think that big differences will not arise in the game instead.

I have not played much of this game for years because I did not really know that Party Island would be a good game to play at the right time. Yes, “at the right time” is the keyword. It may be a bad game on a bad day, and so on other games as well. Fortunately, my last game of this game went pretty well. My credit started like yo-yo first. After that, the Free Spins game began quite often and we were able to increase the credit balance to over 200%. When it began to be regained, I quickly jumped off, but my hand still had a small victory! my mother. But another game took away everything. Shoot it!

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