Retro Reels Extreme Heat Slot Machine Bonus

Are you ready to return to the era using classical symbols such as lemon, cherry, dash, etc in the slots decades ago? Do you want to know that the game looked like back then? Well, the extreme heat from Retro Reel – Microgaming returns to the golden age of slot machines.

Another great part of the retro reel series is the extreme heat version. What makes it really different from other things is that it has something of flare. There are a lot of flames in the interface of the wheel. Symbols include intense sounds and bar signs.

In terms of bonus features, Extreme Heat provides a free spin bonus that occurs when at least three scattering occurs. But the most interesting of this slot is the respin function which allows you to flush the individual wheels while holding the other rollers from the previous spin. You have to pay the privilege, but if you achieve a big victory and want another shot with No. 4 or No. 5 coil, this game will be what you are looking for.

How to Play Retro Reels – Extreme Heat
Are you ready for a violent recession for time for classic slots? Well, if you think that there is something necessary to make it bigger, you need to learn the following command:

Display payment – Press this button to open a series of screens showing the details of Retro Reels – Extreme Heat.
Credit level: – / + – When clicking these buttons, coins whose credit levels are changed will be displayed as specified.
Line – Press this button to change the number of active paylines. Retro Reels – Extreme Heat can play up to 30 songs.
Coin – You can play 1 to 15 coins per coin with 1 spin. Use this button to adjust the exact numerical value.
Bet Max – Pay 15 coins, 30 pay lines in 1 row.
Spin – If you are satisfied with your wager, click this button to start the action.

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