Six Acrobats Slot Machine Bonus

Microgaming was busy releasing a series of new online slots with some eclectic themes in the second half. After that, Microgaming is not uncommon. They can be regarded as one of the busiest developers in the industry and you can add huge backup catalogs every month. The six acrobats by Microgaming are Oriental theme slots “Blow away stunts from six acrobats”. Regardless of whether you can throw a ninja star or rotate a string and a ball, each character has its own special skill.

With the opportunity to earn up to 390,000 coins, here are some serious game prices. This action is done on a regular 5×3 board as if you are watching normal circus performance. There are many reds, including a series of red lanterns on both sides of the reel, as is common in Asian theme places. Animation is a special highlight. Every time three or more symbols are matched, the character makes a special movement with smooth movement.

Acrobatic art
Wild symbols play a central role in determining your destiny. With Wild Symbols giving a multiplier of 5 times in a base game, there are plenty of opportunities to get a big prize here. As free spins enter the equation, these gains increase exponentially. If you play your card correctly or rolling your role correctly, you will be a happy partner of 25 points. Symbols of cards can be easily designed with paint brushes. It is a simple style, but it will work well with the theme of this game.

The scatter symbol was created as a kind of Asian wing goddess. And the animation effect when you land these three on the board is very smooth. Trigger-free spin and a series of headlights illuminate the scene before your spin is kicked. Every time you see a symbol spreading on the board, you will get another spin. Also, many of these multipliers use the wild to monitor what is delivered under free spins. The number of spins you left and the value of the multiplier you are assigned will clearly appear above the table with your gross profit value. You can enjoy a magnification of 25 times at this stage of the game. Bets move between 0.09 and 22.50, and each winning line is valid.

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