Supe It Up Slot Machine Bonus

here are 25 paylines, 5 rolls, 3 rows in the excellent Supe It Up free casino slots. Let’s exchange the engine with a cool car and win prizes in this online casino slot!

This video casino slot has some powerful features that will help you to truly win a great price. To play a free spin game, three or more speaker symbols must be displayed on the screen. Depending on the number of speaker symbols, 20 to 30 spins can be obtained. Under this bonus all prizes are multiplied by 6. In order to complete the winning line, the developer has developed a Wild Symbol for the game. All symbols can be replaced with symbols other than speaker symbols. In addition to wild symbols, doubling the award will be part of the winning group.

In this slot, you can also find a game that increases the prize. You can enter it after a successful round. You can play with either color or suit on the card. The correct color will double your price. The right suit quadruples your prize. However, if your play is wrong, you will lose the current spin round victory.

The game is only for soup cars. Most people are tuning to be able to fly, many people dream of a car. Game photographs represent such cars with a common card symbol. The motor sound is used as a spelling effect.

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