Sweden to Partially Ban Online Casino Advertisements

Sweden’s minister for the public administration want’s to ban online and tv advertisements for Online Casinos in the internet.

According to Sweden’s press releases, Ardalan Shekarabi, considers the online casino games as “dangerous” and wants to restrict the use of some “aggressive” ads.

sweden online casino

In a recent press conference, Shekarabi told that an investigation to internet casinos product will be held soon, in order to create a specific legislation which could partially ban online casinos promotion.

He added that the reason for such new gambling legislation is to “protect” the weakest people who could fall into a serious gambling problem.

In the other hand, Google is not worried about this new politics! According to sources, the Internet Giant will start displaying gambling Pay Per Click ads on Sweden by the end of this month.

Sweden’s most famous gambling game “Svenska Spel” , which has close to one million depositors a month, already stopped all their Television and Internet advertisements. According to the brand they want to wait until the full legislation is out so they won’t break any rules.

In some other news, another local study made by the National Heath Authority reports that almost 30% of the current online gamblers in Sweden think it’s hard to stop playing.

Please remember that on the 1st of January of 2019, Sweden began regulating the Online Gambling market, and this could be a further step to control things.

All offers available on our website are fully legal to the Swedish Market, so there is no need to worry about any bans.