Switzerland has new Online Casino Laws

There are more news regarding the regulated gambling in the European Union. This time is Switzerland that regulated the current Online Casinos operating in the small country.

The local Swiss Parliament just voted about the regulation of the local online gambling markets and it was decided by almost 75% that new laws are taking place.

This new online casino law is taking place next July 1st, leaving behind many online casinos that operated with a Malta license.

This new act states that not only casinos licensed outside the country are forbidden to operate in the country, but as well, any Swiss individual is strictly forbidden to place any kind of bets that don’t pay their country the legal taxes.

To avoid such law breaking, Switzerland government is contacting the local internet operators to block the access of such websites, so it will help them control what kind of gambling websites the local residents get access to.

According to the reports, Switzerland residents spend around 240 million euros per year playing at online casinos and sports betting websites. The country wants now to get revenue from such profit.

Later this month, the country will reveal a list of the fully licensed casinos operating at Swiss markets. It is also said that there is a big list of well known online casinos waiting for their licenses to operate in the country so they don’t lose the current deposits acquired in the last years.

To finish, Switzerland is also forcing the current legal operators to use Gambling Aware messages in all their websites. It is reported that around 65.000 locals have a gambling addition specially on sports betting websites.