Tiger’s Eye Slot Machine Bonus

Wombat says: From the micro gaming (sitting behind the fruit festa 3 reel slot) the Tiger Eye Slot transports us to a deep Indian hot and humid jungle and home of a huge plunder Tigers in the game title. Now the wombat is not known as the bravery of living beings, big animals stole you on the reel with this wild and exciting slot. So, the question is whether we are in a big hunt, or are we going to change the cruel instincts of evil people? As soon as you burn them!

Look & Feel
This game is a fan of live color Wombat and makes the beauty and dignity of the Indian jungle vivid. Rolls are illuminated by a lush jungle scene and long grapes are hanging around the tropical green leaves surrounding the gigs. There are more realistic drawings to say that Birdz slot machine – it is very easy to the eye it is more cartoon shop!

The outside of the frame holding the wheel is a bright orange black striped pattern of tiger’s fur. If you do not make a profit on the soundtrack, it is humming with an electronic diaper It is crazy (it won bat jumped out our furrskinn almost if it would be big!)

Tiger eye is a little better than Cash · Clams · Castle and the other three players because it is 3 rows, 5 reels, 40 payline slots.

The high quality icon of the rolling roll consists of all the inhabitants of the Indian lush forest, a colorful wildlife selection. A giant logo in a gold script in the background of the jungle, a huge head of geeky tiger in the title of the game, a wild deer, a monkey, a big mud tasspår. These are combined with low-value icons that are common playing cards 10, J, Q & A. K.

Wild Tiger Aye Tiger Aiay Logo, you need to get peeled for beauty that makes your eyes come with it pretty special gift – it makes you DOSH anywhere on the reel It is laminated so that you can cut it. Now, there is something the wombat wants to see! On the other hand, the game scatter is a golden symbol of a lion with the word distraction. Oh, here’s a wombat chip for you: If you want to utilize hard work out of your game, at any time you knock down all the important autoplay buttons and let the reels roll the style easily I can.

Bonus Features
If you like the free spin round (and no one is doing it) let’s get a dummy on your side in the Tiger Eye Slot. More than three times the land of the Golden Lion statue lies somewhere on the reel and you can have a good time! Once you set free spin, you are very lucky, meaning that you can get a good growlingly X10 multiplier in this position increase multiplier per spin x 1, and roar ten free spins I will get it.

Tiger Eye Slot is a mobile single game, so it’s a great way to enjoy some fun while you are out. Free Spins collapses the x10 multiplier, packs your mossie net and if you say “Welcome to the jungle” it will be a nice money spinner.

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