Treasure Nile Slot Machine Bonus

I really hate it when all the games play on this less payline, but I need to play with a huge minimum startup investment. Treasure Nile game from micro gaming is one of them, and perhaps the worst kind, you can find it anywhere! It already can only play on nine paylines. The minimum betting bet per spin is set to very ridiculous $ 4.50! Yes, although there is no doubt about jackpot games, Jackpot prize money is disastrous because it is small compared to other jackpot games that have really big jackpot prizes, but they are only $ 0.20 per turn You can play with your efforts. This Treasure Nile is Microgaming’s anxious money-eating game!

The coin’s value is fixed at $ 0.50 per line, but you can not change it, but you can play from line 1 to line 9. Yes, yes! And I would like to get a good victory just from playing on one line? Pyramids are wild symbols in the game, symbols other than scatter symbols are replaced, but you can not earn jackpot awards. It will not be piled up or expanded, the doubles is a completely stupid wild symbol, not paying anything for it, nothing for himself. Scarab is a scatter icon that pays low 50 times total wager to get those 5, but does not assign any free spins or some other function. what? Pharaoh pays 6000 X linjebetonget for those 5, but wins the jackpot prize to get 5 people on the 9th payline. Other symbols pay 3000 to 100 times the line bet to get 5 kinds of each kind. Very good paytable But for every absurd start bets spin every!

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