Who plays online casinos more? Men or Women?

Online Casinos have been an amusement park for adults for the last 20 years, but now the question is: Who gambles more? Men or Women? That is what you are about to found out in the following sentences.

men women online casinos

It is widely known that online casinos are growing way faster than local physical casinos, mainly due to the comfort and accessibility that the online versions of the gambling brands bring to it’s players.

Nowadays, you only need a good internet connection (which almost everyone has) and you can feel the true experience of a casino at home. Doesn’t even matter if you are accessing the online casino with a computer, cellphone or tablet. This new gambling sites are adapted for all kinds of web browsers and devices.

Most people claim they like to gamble online so they can relax after a big day of stress. The slots are their favorite games because of the winning chances they give with their extremely high jackpots.

A new study claims that in 2019, Women gamble as ofter as Men in online casinos. However they tend to gamble lower values.

This study also concludes that the reason behind this, is because Women still tend to make less money than men, which relates to lower bets specially in slot machines.

However, they login to online casinos as often as men. “In our statistics it is revealed that women login as often as men, we have a 50:50 ration of both genders in our costumer list”.

Another reason for lower bets from females is also related to lower testosterone levels. It its medical known that men tend to risk more of their winnings due to higher levels of testosterone on their bodies. With this being said, Women that also feel tempted by the high prizes, tend to have a more cautious reaction toward online gambling at casinos.