Young Mother wins $100 Million at a Progressive Jackpot Slot Machine

April 26, 2019
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A twenty six year old young mother of two, won a whopping $100 Million at a progressive jackpot slot machine! And she didn’t mean to win anything at all!

The news came from a local British News paper this afternoon, where they explain this success story that will certainly inspire people going through time of bad luck.

According to the source, Anna 26, is a stay at home mother that somehow stumbled upon an advertisement for a well known online casino brand. At first she was a bit skeptical, now she’s glad she tried it.

“It got my attention, but I never thought I would win anything, I was just doing it for fun” – Tells Anna to a the local newspaper.

The same news claim that British mother of two kids simply registered at the gambling website to claim the free spins, but things got different.

“I registered because I saw I could get some free spins. I was so bored while my babies were asleep. So I decided to take a look. After registering, I was browsing for some slot machines. I always loved slots. After that the progressive slots section of the casino got my attention. As it was free money ( the free spins ) I selected the one that had the biggest jackpot prize, close to 98 million dollars at the time”.

Then Anna explained that on the first night she won around 50$ just for playing a little bit, but things did not end there, she finally explained.

“For the first day I won $49,25, but as I had some more laundry to do, I had to stop playing. ”

With an account balance of close to 50$, Anna stopped playing at all and didn’t collect here funds. But things got even better.

“Two days later, I got an email with a welcome bonus offer that would duplicated my deposit. And so I did it!”.

The 26 years old then tells the news reporter that she deposited 100$ because she was feeling really lucky that day, and somehow it really paid off.

“Two or three days later, I was having a really good day. I was so hopeful that I decided to deposit $100 so I could get up to $200 in deposit bonus plus more 100 free spins at any slot. I enjoy promotions, why not?”

Anna then visited the same slots game that had a jackpot of close to 98.000.000$ two days earlier. But now it was right close to 100 million and thats when Anna started gambling.

“As I said, at first I was just doing it for fun. I was losing! But when my casino account balance was reaching below just 6$ I did the unbelievable. I hit the jackpot”.

Anna couldn’t believe her eyes. That first “play for fun” experience just turned her into a real life millionaire.

She finally explains she got really nervous, thinking it was a prank.

“At first I was totally in shock! My life had just changed and I just turned a millionaire on an online casino. But then I started wondering. What if they don’t pay me? How come can I win 100 million with just 100? Did I just multiply my money on a casino? Will they pay me?”.

Those were here first worries. She was thinking the online gambling business was all fake, and she wouldn’t be paid. But the story still doesn’t end here!

“I was afraid they wouldn’t pay me. We read stories about casino scams all the time over the internet. But that wasn’t the truth. After winning, I contacted the online casino cashier right away. They were really helpful and just asked me to confirm my bank details so I could be eligible to payment. I got paid to my bank account in just 3 days”.

Gambling success stories like Anna happen more regularly everyday. A few months ago there was also a report of an American old man winning more than 60 million with just a couple of dollars.

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